Allen WorkOne Gets National American Legion Award

July 16, 2019
The WorkOne Northeast career center in Fort Wayne has received the American Legion National Employment Service Award in recognition of efforts to ensure the economic well-being of Indiana’s veterans.
The award was presented July 13 in Indianapolis.
Specifically, the career center was recognized for outstanding service in connecting veterans to employment and training opportunities, helping employers understand how military skills correlate to civilian employment, and working with other community organizations to assist veterans.

Veterans are first in line for services at WorkOne and are given access to job information listed on 24 hours before the jobs are posted for the general public.
I am a 70-year-old disabled Vietnam combat veteran. I had come to the end of my work career and had nothing to look forward to or to motivate me. WorkOne gave me an alternative to giving up. I fought long and hard, went back to school to update my education, and with the help of WorkOne revived my self-respect and self-confidence. I rediscovered my passion for working and became an assistant manager of an automotive parts store.
John Anderson